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Hi friends & fans!

Have you been to a DHC event recently?  If so, give us your feedback!

Here is where you can share your thoughts, ideas, musings, descriptions, examples — so that others get a taste of the DHC experience before they head off to Deborah’s next event.

Please take the role of “critic” gently. This is a public blog for discussing events, not to post negative rants. If you have personal notes or technical advice, etc. for anyone on the crew, please email If you include them in your blog entry, we’ll try to extract them and get them to the right people, but can’t guarantee that will happen.

So leave a reply (just click on the link next to the date above to read and write replies), and be sure to include where and when you saw DHC and what type of event it was (live show, workshop, etc.)

Thank you for the help – and we’ll hopefully see you at an event soon!


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